What’s up right now? (April 8, 2024)

A recent ‘word problem’ worked out with TidalCycles as a computational medium.

This will be a brief update, as most of my energies over the last 3 months have been devoted to family.

  • VIU festival 2024 is in its 6th edition, running from April 17-20! I’m performing as Alice Ahora with visuals this time, using Hydra video synth, in the opening concert. I’ll also act as host in this year’s livecoder meetup on Saturday the 20th.
  • Looking ahead, I’m working on a collaboration with, a collective working with sound frequencies as a mode of intervention. Among several performances in a series (including my debut with the group on May 25) we hope to be selected as the opener for June’s futur AAA festival in Zwickau, Germany. I’m excited for this project because I’ll be using my OpenBCI EEG instrument again!
  • Meanwhile, I’m doing a ton of reading – Breath by James Nestor (inspiring!), Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick, Behave by Robert Sapolsky, Oceans of Sound by David Toop… and a primary school novel in Spanish just for practice.
  • Currently I’m pitching in as a guest reviewer for residency applications to Axolot’s RESIDÈNCIES HÍBRIDES: small embodied data.
  • Nik & I will be heading to the great state of Maine for a few weeks mid-summer, and will perform a small concert in Bangor on August 2nd, more info TBC.
  • TOPLAP BCN is brewing up a gigantic collaboration with Difraccions / Arts Santa Monica for MANIFESTA 15 in Barcelona in November 2024.
  • And as always I’m open to new directions and collaborations. Please reach out with any ideas/opportunities, and do feel free to forward my details (portfolio, cv, abstract, etc.) to anyone you think would be interested.
  • I’m staying otherwise active with the local TOPLAP node, including monthly live-coding improv sessions and the occasional algorave. Hope to see you out there!

For more updates and specific events (when I have time to keep up!), please check out the newsfeed. Please stay in touch – you can find me easily on LinkedIn, fb, ig, and twitter.