currently…spring 2019

What’s up right now? (Spring, 2019)

  • I’ve recently completed the big hop across the pond, and relocated to Barcelona. I’m picking up my Spanish green card at the end of May, which makes it sound easy, but it has taken a solid 8 months.
  • I’m now eligible to work in Spain! So, yes, I’m actively seeking employment. Please reach out with any opportunities, and do feel free to forward my details (portfolio, cv, abstract, etc.) to anyone you think would be interested. I’m looking for a match in UX/UI research, arts management, or academia. I am also booking workshops and lectures re: data sonification, biohacking, etc.
  • I’m collaborating with a small New England-based team to reboot the Ear to the Earth, an online research journal for acoustic ecology founded by Joel Chadabe (mentor to my mentor, N.B. Aldrich). We are aiming for our launch to coincide with World Listening Day on July 18. Stay tuned!
  • I’ve begun an exciting new collaboration with artist Yalili Mora to explore ways that brainwaves, cymatics, and intimate portraits of strangers can weave a narrative through multimedia installation.
  • I’m looking for Barcelona fabricators to help me build a new bow chime, since the one I used back in the States could not make the journey with me. I am working closely with Matt Samolis on the specs, and hoping to have something rigged up this summer.
  • I’m staying active with the local TOPLAP node, including monthly live-coding improv sessions and the occasional algorave.
  • I’m spending all of my free time gardening on my terrace. It’s a new-found love, and I am fighting the urge to let it take over my life!

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