currently… spring 2022

What’s up right now? (March 1, 2022)

Alicia @ Antic Forn de Vallcarca on Jan 22, in the Algobiente III expo
  • We made it through the holidays with isolation in Germany and another curfew in Barcelona, but all without dramatic incident. As soon as we were able, we finally rescheduled and ran the Algobiente III concert that had been postponed since late 2020. Someone snapped this little video during my 8-channel performance, with live visuals by Niklas Reppel.
  • I also just made a week-long trip back to the freezing tundra of Maine to dig around in the roots of my family tree and collect a few remembrances of my last remaining grandparent, who passed away in November. Otherwise, Jan & Feb of this new year have been pretty quiet, but now it seems here comes the busy season!
  • The next performance in my calendar is part of LIVECODERA, a 24hr livestream of womxn live coders from all corners of the earth, in commemoration of International Womens Day on March 8th.
  • On March 12, I will perform for the Algorithmic Art Assembly in San Francisco as part of the TOPLAP Barcelona remote node.
  • From March 24 – 27, TOPLAP Barcelona and Hangar Labs will host the FOURTH! year of VIU, a festival dedicated to the art of live coding in sound and visuals. I will have a set in the lineup of the Friday evening concert “Algo Experimental” on the 25th, and I will also give a mini-workshop/demo on Saturday morning 26th called “Playing Around“, to demonstrate a quick setup and some techniques for bringing multi-channel tricks to your TidalCycles game. The performance space in Hangar will be rocking a 360-degree 8-channel sound stage just for this occasion.
  • I’ve finally found a fabricator to help me build a new bow chime! Since the one I used back in the states could not make the journey with me, I spent a few months last year building 3D models and writing specifications, then translating into Spanish. Now work is currently in progress with a local metalsmith, and I’m on the hunt again for used cymbals! 😻❣️ It’s difficult to describe how exciting it is to have this finally in motion!
  • My partner & I have been auditing a multi-channel soundscape composition course given by the one and only Barry Truax. This has been a real treat to learn from one of the authentic originals in the field. The virtual course is livestreamed from his studio at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, and every Wednesday night you will find us cozied up with a space heater, beanies & blankets in our 8-channel studio, which is actually the garage…
  • I’m also open to new directions and collaborations. Please reach out with any ideas/opportunities, and do feel free to forward my details (portfolio, cv, abstract, etc.) to anyone you think would be interested. I’m looking for a match in product management, UX/UI research, arts management, or academia. I am also booking workshops and lectures re: data sonification, biohacking, etc.
  • I’m staying otherwise active with the local TOPLAP node, including monthly live-coding improv sessions and the occasional algorave. Hope to see you out there!

For more updates and specific events (when I have time to keep up!), please check out the newsfeed. Please stay in touch – you can find me easily on LinkedIn, fb, ig, and twitter.