Upcoming demo/talk at VIU

Upcoming demo/talk at VIU

I’ll be giving a short talk on day 4 of this awesome festival, next Thursday, January 24, 2019. Please check out the whole program for tons of talent all week long, sponsored by TOPLAP_BCN. Full schedule here.

A blurb from the program about my upcoming talk:

“Biofeedback as a Controller in Generative Music: In this demonstration, a range of biofeedback components will be presented, from a simple DIY heart monitor with arduino to a complete OpenBCI EEG instrument, along with some methods to incorporate this data into compositions and direct sound, visual, etc.”

Thursday, 7pm in Sala Ricson of Hangar – all presentations are free!

Transfer 7

Photography study, TRANSFER, showing at UMaine’s IMRC Center

An installation of photographic work is showing at UMaine’s IMRC Center between November 27 and December 1, 2017. The show, TRANSFER, is being exhibited in the Graduate Studios (Room 118) and is open to the public during staff hours (9am to 7pm), and features large format images in abstraction of the still-life compositional form.

An artist reception is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, in conjunction with Studio Ajar’s latest event. During the event, the installation will also showcase a selection of these fantastical images via larger-than-life projections.

Click here for more info about the project. Please follow the event on fb for directions and updates.

Artist talk at Paratext˚19

Artist talk at Paratext˚19

On Wednesday, July 12, Alicia will give a brief talk about her work leading up to and including her current research into the combination of biosignals and generative feedback loops.

Hangar.org hosts the monthly event, Paratext, at which a roster of artists-in-residents or other local collaborators have a chance to introduce their work and ideas to new audiences.

Paratext˚19 begins at 7PM in Hangar’s Sala Ricson. For directions and updates, you can follow the event on fb.

Studio Ajar: Performance Edition, April 28, 2017

Studio Ajar: Performance Edition, April 28, 2017

On Friday, April 28th at 7 p.m., the IMRC Center will host an evening of experimental performance. Studio Ajar: Performance Edition is a showcase of performative works developed by UMaine Intermedia MFA students over the course of several months or more. Alicia will be one of four showing as part of a program entitled “Four Aspects of Contemporary Performance.”

Composer and performer Steve Norton is a first year MFA student with over 30 years of music performing experience; he will perform an experimental music composition inspired by a Samuel Beckett text. Josh Couturier is a pop media artist exploring meditation as a source of enlightenment and direction during construction of art projects; he will perform a piece entitled “Entangled”. Alicia Champlin and Eleanor Kipping are both second year MFA students. Alicia’s work, entitled “I am Sitting”, draws inspiration from Alvin Lucier and Nam June Paik and presents itself as a performative installation. The piece exploits biometric data and feedback loops to explore issues of neutrality and mediation. Eleanor’s work explores the identity politics surrounding the black female experience in America in light of colorism and racial passing. Her piece, “I Will Not Say Nigger”, is a spoken word performance that explores the language, both spoken and unspoken, between races throughout generations of segregation and racism in the United States.

This performance will be followed by a reception with the artists. Light refreshments will be provided and audiences are invited to bring beverages and additional refreshments and delights.

Follow the event on facebook for updates.