La Obra Invisible (Incorpórea)

‘The Invisible Work’

La Obra Invisible is a collaboration under the collective name Incorpórea. Quoted from the collective’s website:

algorithmically generated interference waves overlaid with the text "Incorpórea"

Incorporéa is a collective of two artists, Yalili Mora and Alicia Champlin, who have both worked extensively in the task of manifesting the invisible of our inner human worlds.

Yalili uses painting / portrait as a metaphor, with concerns about a deeper exploration of technological interfaces. Alicia has a history of using technological interventions as a mediator between creativity and data.

In collaboration between these two multimedia practices, “The Invisible Work” aims to reconcile the emotional and empirical realms, reaffirming our physical agency within our environments while simultaneously exploring the implications of our most ephemeral traces. In this mapping process, what we hope to emphasize is the balance between individual sovereignty over this psychological landscape, and its vulnerability to environmental and interpersonal forces, as well as the limits of our agency as these traces spread throughout the world in general.

The piece is an interactive installation featuring a Chladni plate as a visualization of the sonified brainwaves of both artists, signal-mixed together by visitors in real-time using a custom application built by Champlin, and presented along with the artists’ painted portraits (part of Mora’s series “Retratos sin rostros aparentes”, or “Portraits without apparent faces”).

This work was installed as part of Recorreguts Sonors: Accions i Mutacions Sonores at the Convent de Sant Agustí in Barcelona, 19-23 November of 2019.

portrait by Yali Mora of Alicia Champlin

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