Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole is a compilation album made by the TOPLAP Barcelona live-coding community, released in March 2021. Champlin’s contribution to the album, the track “Neowise3,” is a minimalist study of resonance and timbre.

The album, published by Call It Anything Records, is available via Bandcamp as a digital download or CD with a limited edition laser cut booklet containing personal bios and insights about the pieces from each artist contributing to the project. A digital copy of the source code for each track is included with both formats.

From the booklet:

“Neowise3” is a constructed/deconstructed sound- scape, one of a series of minimalist improvisations. Using very few samples, it layers the ringing of the spheres, and beams out harmonics like a prism splitting light into distinct colors. The three short samples used were sounded and recorded live on bow chime by Matt Samolis of Barre, Mass. The bow chime is a very physical instrument which plays you in return. Recordings of this acoustic behemoth cannot track the experience of it live, but by manipulating these samples, we find new means to reckon with the tangible shapes of orbits and conjunctions. Many thanks to Matt for his collaboration and mentorship.

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