Bearing the Light

In May, 2017, Champlin participated in a collaborative installation event at Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. The collaboration involved 9 artists over 2 days, in a format that allowed a one-time 24 hour window to design and install a transformative experience within the depths of the Fort. The results took the form of a sort of pilgrimage of light and sound, leading an audience through a series of vignettes that responded to the visual and acoustic topology of the existing structure, playing with light and shadow, reflection and reverberation.

Susan Smith, coordinator of the event, spoke of the effort as a way to “come together – as artists and collaborators – to work with this site, and communicate to a need, especially now, to reflect upon our relationship to self and others, and to the world. We invite participants to experience this place, get lost in it, and unsettle our notions of where and who we are.”

Participating artists: Alicia Champlin, Eleanor Kipping, Stasiu Levitsky, Jim Winters, David Allen, Nathan Dumis, Michelle Bezik, Derek Smith, and Susan Smith.

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