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New sonification strategies -video!

Today I sorted a new method for sonification of OpenBCI EEG data. This process has gone through many forms, but it needed to be cleaned up and clarified. This iteration uses the average amplitudes of each brainwave type to set the parameters of a hybrid AM/additive synth. The synth sounds the max frequencies for the 5 wave types, modulated by the amplitudes for each, and then adds them all together – for each of 8 data channels.

This results in a much more natural sounding representation of the data – the wave types are in fact octaves of one another! This new patcher also makes it incredibly simple to spatialize the data set over 8 speakers to model the 8 electrodes in the EEG instrument. Arrange these speakers around you in the same configuration, and you will hear my brain as if you were inside of it…!

Haha… maybe a bridge too far for some of you! 🙂 Start with your audio low; the sound begins after about 30 seconds of setup.

A note: There is a considerable amount of clicking you can hear when the gain is up, but I believe this is actually a low frequency beating, artifacts caused by the different channels interfering with each other. I can’t wait to test this on a multi-speaker system to find out how that works in real space, instead of cramming 8 layers into a stereo headset.

Stay tuned! I’m in the process of booking a venue for the first 8.1 3D sound performance of “I Am Sitting…” in early May.

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  • Hello, i am a musician from Berlin. this maxpat you made sounds really interseting! Thank You! I also started working with the OpenBCI. Unfortunatly my MAX Patches sound way less nicer. I wonder if you would like to share your patch with me – of course not for commercial use! If you are interested i could send u a .js where ther osc values are filtered. It has one nice feature for playing live. It “jumps” to the next “clean” channel if one is disconnected or “unclean”. I m quite new in programming – still hard to express myself properly, espacally in english.

    • Thanks for your interest, Christopher! I would love to connect over this, look for an email from me. 🙂

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