Hangar.org's 2017 R&D Grant

Hangar.org’s 2017 R&D Grant

Alicia has been awarded a research and development grant by Hangar Interactive Labs in Barcelona, Spain, for the summer of 2017. With this opportunity, she will be continuing development of “I Am Sitting…” by building a research-grade EEG headset based on the OpenBCI Ultracortex Mark III Nova.

The Ultracortex is a 3D printed harness for the EEG sensor array, supported by OpenBCI’s Cyton Biosensing Board, a microcontroller with an open-source development platform for biodata research.

Champlin will be in residence in Barcelona from June 1 to August 23, 2017. A brief talk about her work is scheduled for July 12, as part of Hangar’s Paratext series.


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